The undersigned organisations appreciate the opportunity presented by this public consultation to influence the direction of the EU’s plans to step up its action against deforestation and forest degradation. We urge the Commission to take ample time to consider our recommendations, as we were concerned by the lack of time allocated to review and consider the feedback submitted by 202 stakeholders on the Roadmap before the current consultation questionnaire (the “Questionnaire”) was published. As a consequence, the Questionnaire does not reflect the strong recommendations for the adoption of regulatory measures made in a large number of submissions as well as the clear calls for targeted action in support of forest tenure rights made by forest peoples’ organisations in tropical forest countries. This raises questions as to whether the Commission genuinely intends to take stakeholder input into accounti and represents a missed opportunity to frame the current public consultation in the most appropriate and effective manner to elicit input from key stakeholders and inform the Commission’s policy-making.

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