Around 2011 and 2012, Titus Money (32 years old) from the great tribe of Yerisiam Gua and Wateburuh tribe who worked as Public Relations supervising security in PT Nabire Baru, a subsidiary of Goodhope Holding Company, demanded unpaid wages for 4 months. When demanding the wage, the company was always stalling time to pay the wage in the next month. It then triggered Titus’s emotion to demand the wage that is his rights and which had not been paid for about 4 months. Instead of receiving the wage, Titus experienced physical violence and persecution. He was beaten and attacked by 8 members of PAM Bri­mob from Biak with rattan, guns, causing injuries around his face and hearing impairment to date. Then, his hands were tied and he was brought in front of the staff housing of PT Nabire Baru at kilometre 16 of Wami Nabire. Apology is never conveyed directly and the wage has not been paid until today.

Now, the case of PT Nabire Baru has entered the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) complaint but it is not for labour but because of its relation to high carbon value (HCV). Based on the community report (letter attached) and our findings in the field, the company PT Nabire Baru has violated the RSPO principles and criteria for sustainable palm oil pro­duction, and it has violated the regulations as well as customary laws of the Yerisiam Gua Tribe community, the owner of local customary rights.

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